Cowboy Bebop: Savage Worlds

Sting Operation: Scorpio

The bounty hunters found themselves working on an off-the-books sting operation, in an attempt to capture a man known only as “Scorpio,” one of the lieutenants for the shadow-terrorist organization, Zodiac.

Working with Aiden’s contact, Steve, Steve’s associate, Margot, and Meiling Wu, they split off into three groups: Wu, Apollo, Aiden, and McKnight; Silas and Nate; and Steve and Margot.

McKnight, Apollo, Aiden, and Wu took a small fishing boat to confront Scorpio and retrieve his hostage, Melody Santiva. Silas and Nate waited on shore in their fighters to serve as backup. Steve and Margot remained a mile away from Scorpio’s location on a small tugboat, running surveillance.

Upon reaching the ship, Wu climbed aboard Scorpio’s large shipping freighter, and the bounty hunters found that all of their communications were scrambled between each other and the tugboat. Deciding that something was wrong, Aiden, Apollo, and McKnight climbed up the freighter’s anchor and into the ship.

Meanwhile, noting that something was wrong, Silas and Nate took off towards the tugboat to see what was wrong with the communications. They met up with Steve, who told them to head to the freighter and assist the others. Upon reaching the freighter, Silas mopped up several of Scorpio’s soldiers, and Nate rescued Meiling Wu and Melody Santiva, flying Santiva off to the tugboat and out of harm’s way.

Inside of the ship, the three bounty hunters encountered one of Scorpio’s minions and killed him, though McKnight was injured in the fighting. McKnight stayed behind to patch up his wound, while Apollo and Aiden moved on to the engine room and put it out of commission.

While McKnight bandaged himself up, Scorpio tied him up with his chain and used him as a human shield when he reached the deck of the ship, preventing Silas from opening fire.

Eventually, Apollo and Aiden reached the deck of the ship, and Scorpio managed to make his way to one of the large metal shipping containers. The bounty hunters opened fire on the container, but Scorpio still managed to fly his personal fighter out of the container.

Unfortunately for Scorpio, the plasma cannon on his fighter wasn’t accurate enough to hit Silas’s fighter, and the battle between ships was quickly decided, with Scorpio crashing into the deck of the ocean freighter.

Surrounding Scorpio’s ship, the Deathstalker, it looked like the bounty hunters were finally about to capture their bounty, when suddenly one of the shipping containers aboard the freighter exploded…


See ya space Cowboy……

Sting Operation: Scorpio

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