Meiling Wu

Ex-Soldier, Madame


Agility: d10
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Climbing: d6
Fighting: d6
Driving: d4
Healing: d4
Intimidation: d4
Notice: d8
Piloting: d4
Repair: d4
Shooting: d10
Stealth: d10
Streetwise: d8
Tracking: d8

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6"
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5

Loyal (Minor)

No Mercy
Level Headed

Armor: None

Ruger .22- Range: 10/20/40, RoF: 1, Damage: 2d6-1, Semi-Auto


Meiling Wu served in the Mars Military as a combat sniper, and was honorably discharged at the age of twenty-eight after two tours.

Wu spent three years roaming from job to job afterwards, unable to keep work due to mental health issues brought on by PTSD.

It wasn’t until, in her darkest moments, she found herself working in a brothel in one of the seedier neighborhoods on Mars. There she found a comradeship in the other girls, something that filled some of the void left from leaving the military. But, as soon as the relationship was established, Wu decided that she could not stand by while the current proprietor, a cruel man, was allowed to continue to dictate their lives. Wu, with the backing of the other girls, kicked the man out and took control of the brothel, renaming it “Wu’s.”

Meiling Wu

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