Cowboy Bebop: Savage Worlds

One Constellation Down...

After Scorpio’s fighter, the Deathstalker, crashed into the deck of the large shipping vessel, a firefight ensued between the Constellation, a handful of his minions, and the bounty hunters. The cowboys won the fight, but Scorpio disappeared below decks.

Aided by Margot Tureskee, a bounty hunter that specializes in computer hacking, the cowboys searched the freighter, finding (and tear-gassing) the rest of the ships crew, but not Scorpio.

Outside, Silas and Aiden notice that the tugboat, manned by Steve Michaels and Melody Santiva, was beginning to pull away and not responding to radio summons. Deducing that Scorpio had most likely escaped onto the tugboat, the bounty hunters gave chase.

Eventually, the crew caught up with the tugboat and boarded it, only to find Scorpio holding a large knife to Melody’s throat. Realizing they were in a deadlock, Margot fired a flash-bang from her slingshot and temporarily stunned Scorpio, giving the cowboys the opportunity they needed to rescue Melody and defeat Scorpio, once and for all.



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